Electrical Engineering Laboratories

  • Illumination Techniques Laboratory
  • Electrical Power Systems Laboratory
  • Electric Power Distribution Automation Laboratory
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Intelligent Condition Monitoring and Diagonistics Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • High Voltage Laboratory
  • Cognitive Systems Laboratory
  • Superconductivity Laboratory
  • SmartGrid Laboratory
  • Photovoltaic Systems Laboratory
  • Renewable Energy Systems Simulation Laboratory
  • Computational Electro-Mechanical Systems Laboratory
  • Electric Vehicle Laboratory

Electronics and Communication Engineering Laboratories​

    Research Laboratories
  • Multimedia Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory
  • VLSI CAD Laboratory
  • Duran LEBLEBICI VLSI Measurement Laboratory
  • Medical Devices Research Development and Application Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Design Laboratory
  • Nanoelectronics and Computation Laboratory
  • Radar and Microwave Technologies Research Laboratory
  • RF Electronics Laboratory
  • Neuroscience Modelling and Research Laboratory
  • Wireless Communications Research Laboratory
  • Professor Mustafa KARAMAN Acoustic Sensing and Imaging Laboratory
  • System Modeling, Design and Research Laboratory
  • Hadis MORKOÇ Electro-Optical Devices Laboratory
  • Bio Electromagnetics Laboratory
  • Advanced Research on Images and Signals Laboratory

  • Education Laboratories
  • Circuits and Systems Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Microwave Systems and Antenna Laboratory
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Signal and Image Processing Laboratory
  • Medical Electronics Laboratory

Control and Automation Engineering Laboratories

  • Railway Systems Laboratory
  • Power and Motion Control Laboratory
  • Control Laboratory
  • Measurement Instrumentation and Process Control Laboratory
  • Robotics Laboratory
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory
  • Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Technologies and Power System Research Laboratory
  • Industry 4.0 Applications Laboratory
  • Industrial Automation Laboratory
  • Biomedical Innovation Systems Laboratory