Undergraduate Programs

Faculty Departments / Undergraduate Programs

  • Electrical Engineering,

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering,

  • Control and Automation Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering covers energy development & power generation, power transmission & distribution networks, and electrical machines & power electronics. Electrical engineering also forms a multi-disciplinary application platform with the intersection of mechanical, electronic, computer and communications engineering. This platform leads to design, install, monitor, control, protect and manage the modern age electrical power systems.

 Electronics and Communication Engineering 

The aim of the undergraduate program of the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department is to provide the students with a solid scientific and technical background, and research capabilities in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronic devices and systems.

 Control and Automation Engineering 

Control and automation engineering is an engineering branch which ensures electonics, mechanics and computer based all industrial production systems works together as desired way; also produces and applies information and technologies. Control and automation engineering program has following education and research topics: "automatic control theory and its applications, industrial automation, measurement and instrumentation, robotics, computer based industrial information systems design and applications.