In 1934, the “Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering” was bounded to “Yüksek Mühendis Mektebi” (Master of Engineering College), today’s Istanbul Technical University, as the Electro-Mechanic Division, which was the official start of Department of Electrical Engineering. 1984 was celebrated as 50th year anniversary. This year, we celebrate 80th year anniversary of our Faculty.

Our faculty has gained a well-deserved reputation for pioneering achievements in the past as well as training highly qualified engineers and scientists. Significant and pioneering studies of our faculty are:

  1. Electrification of the whole country

  2. The first high voltage laboratory

  3. The first television broadcasting

  4. The first stereo radio

  5. The first microelectronics laboratory and microchip production

Today, the foundation of electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic industries in Turkey is based on and developed through the valuable contributions of our Faculty. Besides its contributions in industrial areas, it has a leading role in the developments of Departments of Electrical Engineering at METU and Bogazici University which are leading high education institutions in Turkey. In this regard, our Faculty included in each industry in the field of electrical- electronics engineering in Turkey within this 80 years, and it is considered as the most important institution of our university and our country. Our Faculty established and leveraged the Department of Computer Engineering and played a significant role in this area’s development both in the ITU and Turkey as well. All related programs of the Department of Computer Engineering were transferred to the new Faculty of Computer and Informatics in 2010. Then, our Faculty has reshaped into a three department structure. These departments are;

  1. “Electrical Engineering”,

  2. “Electronics and Communication Engineering”, and

  3. “Control and Automation Engineering”

These departments are among the most competent in their areas, while they work on independent studies they also continue to focus on interdisciplinary areas to enrich collaborative and joint studies within the Faculty. Some of these interdisciplinary research studies are transformed into research units while some of them are planned to be expanded as research centers. These different areas of study will be adapted within 2 or 3 years and provide pioneering and unique specialties to our Faculty. As aware of the importance of English language as “the language of instruction”, international joint dual degree undergraduate and graduate programs are initiated. Some of these programs have already started by mutual agreements with selected High Education Institutions of the USA and some of them will be initiated soon. Also, faculty members are hired according to strategic plans and course schedules are organized in a goal oriented way. Almost each undergraduate course in the Faculty program has syllabuses both in Turkish and English, the Faculty successfully implements dual language education and planning to be more flexible in the future. In this regard, ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering will reach credentials both in national and international levels. Social activities are also important for the values of our Faculty, with this regard the activities organized for the 80th year anniversary of the Faculty will be a starting point. The main goal of the Faculty is to establish its self-dynamism based on affinity and sincerity which will empower this synergic impact through various socializing activities. Our Faculty has a unique heritage with its 80 years of accumulation of knowledge, cultivation and experience, and will increase this cultural heritage in the future to sustain and maintain its global existence. Today, as in the past, our general principle is: "Our goal is to become a pioneering institution to generate scientific and innovative know-how, integrated with education and research for the benefit of society.”

Thank you for everyone for their valuable contributions in the development of our Faculty within these 80 years and let me send my respects with bless and gratitude for those who are not with us today.

Thank you.

15 June 2014
Prof. Dr. Ş. Serhat ŞEKER