Electro-Optical Devices Laboratory (EDL) at the Electronics and Communication Engineering of Istanbul Technical University focuses on solutions for a wire variety of applications in the general fields of MEMS, Microfluidics, Biomedical Optics and Soft Robotics. Specifically, 2021’s focus was on three specific areas;

  1. Laser Scanning Capsule Endoscopy: offering a pill endoscope with high resolution and multi-layer imaging capability
  2. 3D printed hydraulic actuator for tissue confocal imaging [1], and
  3. Blood viscosity measurement microfluidic device targeted for point-of-care

diagnostics  [2]

During 2021, EDL faculty members Professors Ahmet Can Erten and Onur Ferhanoğlu have been the principal investigators of multiple TUBITAK grants applied for two US patent applications [3,4] and published more than 10 international journal articles. A start-up company: Mikronos Biomedikal [5] has been founded at ITU Teknokent, aiming to design and build microfluidic based coagulation sensors.


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