ITU UZMAR Autonomous Sailing-Boat

ITU UZMAR Autonomous Sailing-Boat Team was first established in 2017 within the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering by the students from different engineering disciplines with a focus on unmanned surface watercraft design. It participates in national and international competitions and fairs with its R&D oriented establishment. The team has been working and studying under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Derya Ahmet KOCABAŞ both at the Electrical Machines Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Department and the newly founded ITUAS BMA Technology Workshop beside ITU Gölet zone.

The mission of the team is to carry out contemporary studies on unmanned and autonomous watercrafts and to represent our country, Istanbul Technical University and the team by achieving lasting success in national and international competitions. The vision of the team is to achieve remarkable success as the first and only Turkish university team to participate in the RobotX Competitions at Sydney and Njord Autonomous Boat Competition at Norway.

The team consists of five different working groups, namely Electrical, Mechanics, Software, Organization and Social Media, formed by undergraduate and graduate students studying in various departments of ITU.

ITUAS Team is working on three different platforms, DRAGUT IDA, BEE-AST and BEE-KING. DRAGUT IDA is a national production and unique unmanned naval platform developed by ITUAS Team, equipped with today's technologies, equipped with an autonomous control system, compatible with harsh conditions. BEEAST is a platform where electronics, software and propulsion systems are developed to participate in the RobotX Autonomous Maritime Competition. BEE-KING is the most recent platform built to participate in Njord Autonomous Boat Competition at Norway. ITUAS UZMAR Team will implement the techniques founded for RobotX to its newly built platform.

It is aimed to contribute to the technological information of our country in areas such as defense industry, search and rescue and firefighting with the developed platforms. BEE-AST of ITUAS UZMAR Team still preserves the title of being the greatest autonomous sailing boat platform run by a Turkish university student team. (5 m of length, 2.5 m of width and 1.8 m of height)

In November 2022, ITUAS UZMAR Team participated 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge, an international autonomous boat competition where only 23 teams competed. The team is the first and only Turkish university team to be accepted to the competition. The team received the boat as a grant from the organization related to the success of its studies. ITUAS UZMAR Team won the "Docker Troubleshooting" and "Best Breakthrough 2nd Team" awards in the Virtual RobotX Challenge competition and Jury Special Award-Award for Naval Design and Modelling in the practical stage of RobotX on November,2022.

The team’s recent target is to join the Njord Autonomous Boat Competition at Norway on August, 2023. The competition aims to be an international arena for the students providing an opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts associated with the autonomous shipping industry.

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