Energy Management based on Battery Health, Grid Interaction, Vehicle Control, and Multi-Criteria Route Planning

by Özcan Bahadıroğlu | Oct 16, 2023
Currently, there is lack of integration between systems for vehicle energy management and route planning.

Currently, there is lack of integration between systems for vehicle energy management and route planning. Some applications recommend nearby charging stations based on the remaining battery energy at the most basic level. In this research project, we are examining the impact of parameters such as road geometry, vehicle acceleration and deceleration behavior at intersections, and traffic flow conditions on energy consumption. In particular, this research considers the commonly neglected factor of energy consumption tied to vehicle movement dynamics within the context of Electric Vehicle Location Routing issues. These factors, in turn, affect the selection of the optimal route and the best charging station.

Prof. Dr. Ilhan Kocaarslan from Istanbul Technical University Control and Automation Engineering and his research team will develop high-accuracy estimations of vehicle energy consumption based on detailed vehicle dynamics, road and weather conditions, traffic status on the planned route, and driving behaviors. Energy management approaches that take into account factors affecting battery calendar ageing and cyclic ageing will also be developed. Additionally, comprehensive services that can be provided from the vehicle to the grid will be optimally coordinated, considering both battery health and vehicle energy consumption. Finally, integrated vehicle control and energy management will be executed taking all these criteria into account, and multi-criteria route planning solutions will be developed. The study is supported within the scope of TUBITAK Center of Excellence Support Program (1004) named as İLATERA:
Environmentally Compatible Sustainable Advanced Vehicle Technologies Platform and it is conducted by the ITU Advanced Vehicle Technologies Application and Research Center (ITU ILATAM). The project team includes Asst. Prof. Dr. Alparslan Zehir from Marmara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hilmi Berk Çelikoğlu from Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Department and Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Silgu from Bartın University. The project includes scholars Res. Asst. Sadullah Göncü, Res. Asst. Görkem Akyol, Res. Asst. Batı Eren Ergun, Arda Akyıldız, and Ege Uzun.


Fig. 1: Integrated consideration of vehicle charging preferences, road-traffic-weather conditions, driving behavior, and battery ageing in route planning and energy management